Thanks, Stadium Pal

ok I've mentioned David Sedaris before. I'm sure you already know who he is. One of my favorite things he's talked about is Stadium Pal. I've made references to it in casual conversation for months. In case you don't want to do all the cross links here, stadium pal is essentially an external catheter that is worn like a condom (I think there is a gal version but I mean really? I don't know any women who would be willing to strap this baby on) with a tubing that runs down your leg (presumably strapped in some secure way to a 'collection bag' at your calf. Supposedly discreet, though as David Sedaris has mentioned, the smell of warm urine is probably easier to disguise in a sweaty outdoor stadium than in say a 747.

I am not sure how this came up but it did again tonight while I'm talking to H via the computer.

Me: (something or other...) "thanks stadium pal"

H: "in time for next year's family santa (for his side of the family its bring a gag gift and then everyone draws numbers and tries not to get stuck with the worst gift. who 'won' last year? me of course with a sparkly sequined 'santa' bra and panties in front of an entire room of people who would turn their heads to see such a thing in the store (though I wonder who actually bought it now LOL) but I digress..." ---you could actually make something like that"

Me: "uh, stadium pal is real, I'm sure it is"

H: "really?"

Me: "yes hang on" (google is my other hidden talent...) "yes, see..."


and this is where I lose the ability to talk because, well....ok in case you don't want to read it yourself, here's an excerpt (and it is at this point that I lose all ability to communicate aside from laugh and snort):

Motor Cycle riders that participate in the Iron Butt have found that the Stadium Pal is an absolute necessary. Para Gliders that spend hours in the air have found its uses immeasurable. Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve at Times Square, and the list goes on and on

(plus I swear this list included pub crawling when I first looked...)

ok now that I've typed this, I'm back to snort and laugh and I really can't type when I laugh that hard. It has to be aerobic exercise, that is a bonus right? Thanks Stadium Pal!

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